ITM alumni win prize for global research of the Province of Antwerp

Four former ITM master’s students, graduates of our MSc in Public Health and MSc in Tropical Animal Health (2019-2020) have been awarded the 2020 Prize for Global Research of the Province of Antwerp. Through this award, honouring people since 1996, the Province of Antwerp looks to stimulate research relating to the Global South.

The Prize for Global Research is awarded yearly to ‘master-after-master’-students of ITM and the Institute of Development Policy (IOB) - University of Antwerp, whose master’s thesis focuses on topics such as economy, politics, society, culture, environment, (public) health or medicine (human and animal). Central to the selection criteria are relevance to development and quality and originality of the master's theses.

The four ITM laureates are: Orawan Tawaytibhongs (Thailand), Eugène Vernyuy Yeika (Cameroon), Olujuwon Justin Ibiloye (Nigeria) and Luna Gongal (Nepal).

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